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Jun 30, 2023 | Kathy Park JDPSN

[Podcast] Facing Today’s New Paradigm

Episode Description

Everywhere, from science to spirituality, we hear about the chaotic phase we are going through on the planet. Our social, political, economic, environmental, and philosophical reality is changing. Our own existence is at stake. Scientists and spiritual masters agree that an awakening is essential on the planet to move humanity to another stage of evolution – we call it “conscious evolution.” But how do we face this new reality? How can we find centeredness, balance, and even thrive in such times? Kathy Park (Zen master) and Sapna Donthi Dutt (yoga master) are sharing with us their thoughts and insights.

Zen Quote
“Any kind of action is not good and not bad and should not be a problem. The most important thing is that you must help your center to become strong so that you can digest all these experiences and turn them into some kind of wisdom for others. That is very, very important.”
– Zen master Seung Sahn