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Andrzej Stec JDPSN

Ji Do Poep Sa (Dharma Master)

“If you know something, this will limit you.
If you keep don’t know, you can do anything. Almost.”

As a young university student of architecture, Andrzej Stec met the late Zen master Seung Sahn at a Dharma talk in his home town of Gdansk in Poland. He began practicing Zen in 1981 and received inka(teaching authority) from Zen master Seung Sahn in 1998. He has extensive experience teaching in various cultures including Europe, United States and Asia, in both monastic communities and lay Zen centers.

Andrzej Stec JDPSN believes that people need not only a mind revolution but a lifestyle revolution in order to adapt, thrive and become their full potential. He developed Mantrawalk emphasizing meditation practice integrated with an active daily lifestyle, to access our innate wisdom and to maintain optimal health in mind and body in our constantly changing and technologically driven world. Together with his wife Kathy Park JDPSN, he is the guiding teacher of Zenseoul and Daejeon Zen groups in South Korea, and also teaches and consults Zen online worldwide with Kwan Um Zen Online.

Great Dharani

Great Dharani

At a memorial for Zen master Seung Sahn, Andrzej Stec JDPSN reflects on the example of his teacher as a practitioner.