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Encouragement for a 2024 free of hindrances : Taking the Antidote to the Three Poisons

Three Poisons
Three Pure Precepts
Do no harm
Do good
Actualize good in others

Is there something you wish to change in the new year that will make the difference between living instead of just coping?

Buddhism teaches that human life is generally affected by the Three Poisons: desire, anger and ignorance. Desire comes from anger; anger comes from ignorance; and ignorance is the state of believing that “I” exist.

Removing poison requires that you take an antidote. The antidote is called the Three Pure Precepts: do not harm; do good; and actualize good in others.

Keep taking the antidote in manageable doses as you can in your daily life, in your relationships, in your various commitments and your creativity. Trying not to harm can begin with being mindful before saying something unkind to your coworker. Doing good can be done by giving away just one thing each day without expectation. Actualizing good in others can be the greatest form of friendship and trust when we cheer another soul to become their very best version of themselves.

At the same time, sit down. Look inside.

When it is finally quiet inside and your breath is even, when there is a settled warmth inside your belly, you will see the pure and perfect goodness that you already are. Then just as the sun hits the smooth peaceful pond, your mind light will shine that innate goodness on others and reveal their natural colours.

The moment we recognize our own natural goodness which we call True Nature, poisons become medicine to help all beings.