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Welcoming 2024

In Buddhism, the deer symbolizes compassion, which is the essence of the Buddha’s teaching. They are by nature gentle creatures, grazing on wild plants and herbs. They represent innocence and purity, the source of our own true nature which connects with all life. It was in Deer Park (Sarnath) that Buddha Shakyamuni also gave his first teaching.


Compassion means having a foundation of loving kindness for all beings and at the same time, being keen-eyed and acting with wisdom to help them. Go into your heart and return to the source of boundless love and equanimity. At the same time, open your eyes, ears and all senses to perceive the truth with crystal clarity, just as the sun penetrates the snow to melt it in an instant. That is the power of our mind light. With compassion in our hearts and clarity in our minds, take one more step and enter the Gateless Gate together, to transform suffering into courage in action. Then we become one with all life as we perceive their preciousness and there is no fear.


May all beings be free of suffering and the cause of suffering.

May 2024 be a year of peace, harmony and freedom for all beings.