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The end of fruit means beginning of fruit

The end of fruit means the beginning of fruit. You must understand that. – Zen master Seung Sahn

Encouragement for a 2024 free of hindrances : Taking the Antidote to the Three Poisons

Is there something you wish to change in the new year that will make the difference between living instead of just coping?

Welcoming 2024

May all beings be free of suffering and the cause of suffering.

Essence of Leadership

A podcast interview with Simon Rilling (Zen Insights on Leadership in an Increasingly Technologically Driven World.)

[Podcast] Facing Today’s New Paradigm

Where can we anchor ourselves in refuge during these challenge going times

Three Kinds Of Success

What is true success?

Become Buddha: Purpose of Zen

A podcast interview for Beyond Perception with Simon Rilling.

Keep Counting

Advice on how to experience a change of quality in our practice.

Right Effort: Direction + Try Mind = Enlightenment

Making effort in our practice requires a few conditions.

Great Dharani

At a memorial for Zen master Seung Sahn, Andrzej Stec JDPSN reflects on the example of his teacher as a practitioner.